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Fitting Advice

Our sizing chart is provided for your guidance but please bear in mind that the fit will depend on your body shape (for example, how well-developed your chest muscle is).

Both the Diamond and Ruby silicone breasts are designed for optimum comfort, thanks to a hollow back that moulds itself to your body shape.  If your chest shape is already defined, the final cup size once you are wearing your silicone breast might be larger than the stated cup size for the silicone breast alone.


The asymmetrical Diamond is ideal for adding volume at the top of your chest wall and beneath your armpit, echoing the natural female form.  The lower width of the wing should extend under your arm and beyond the bra cup.  Viewed from the front, this can make the silicone breast seem narrower than it actually is.

When trying Diamond for the first time, we recommend that you keep the protection film on the adhesive surface, so that you can move the silicone breast into the correct position and decide whether the size is right for you.

Once you are certain that the fit and size are correct, fit the Diamond as follows:

  • Put your bra on, leaving one shoulder strap down
  • On this side, position the Diamond into the open bra cup with the top edge beneath the strap and the wing under your arm
  • Slide your arm into the strap and lightly press the Diamond onto your chest wall
  • Repeat on the other side
  • To ensure a perfect outline, adjust your bra straps to fit


The symmetrical Ruby is perfect for easy fitting and gives a beautiful feminine outline.  Ruby can be placed into the pockets of your bra before you put the bra on.  The top of the silicone breast should be placed at the top of the bra cup.  After sliding Ruby into the bra’s pockets, just put the bra on and adjust your straps as usual.

Another way to fit Ruby is to put your bra on first, leaving one strap down; insert the Ruby into the pocket of this cup and slide the strap up for a perfect fit.  Repeat on the other side.

Ruby is ideal for those with larger chest sizes, because the whole silicone breast is worn in the bra cup.